Light Therapy

A woman wears protective eyewear as she stands in the red light therapy chamber
Joov Whole Body Red Light Therapy

We offer several forms of light therapy including Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, Joovv Whole Body Red Light Therapy, & Celluma Light Therapy. All of these modalities use a process called Photobiomodulation. This is when non-ionizing light in specific wavelengths are used to stimulate certain chemical and mechanical processes within the cellular matrix of the body. The end results of these processes, depending on the specific power and wavelength(s) used are reduced inflammation and pain, the stimulation of growth factor to heal tissue, increased collagen production in the skin, hair regrowth, increased testosterone in men, improved sexual function,  greater athletic endurance, faster post exercise recovery, improved thyroid function, and improved sleep. We will be happy to discuss which modality is best to meet your needs.

  • Joovv sessions take 11 minutes
  • Deep Tissue Laser Therapy treatments are 5-15 minutes
  • Celluma treatments typically take 30 minutes