Golden Root Natural Medicine is a one of a kind clinic blending the best of what ancient medicinal traditions and modern science have to offer.
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View an overview of Golden Root’s services with owner & practitioner Adam Jackson.

Golden Root Natural Medicine is a clinic specifically designed to offer services to help people heal, recover from injuries, improve athletic performance, and achieve optimal overall wellness.
“For me it’s always been kind of a calling, ” says Adam. “I really just wanted to help people. I think the main thing is I really look at the whole person to help you as an individual. I don’t care what your label is – I just want to work with you to have the best outcome.”

What is the Golden Root?

Owner Adam Jackson chose the name Golden Root because in both Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, Turmeric is the golden root that is treasured for its amazing health benefits.

In modern Functional Medicine, Turmeric is known to be a potent herb that has many uses including treating inflammation, dementia, and cancer to name just a few. He felt like this was a great symbol for being rooted into the wisdom of the ancient medicine traditions we offer as well as being able to spread out in many directions to incorporate the best of what modern science has discovered to optimize one’s health and wellbeing.

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Meet the Team

Adam Jackson

Adam Jackson, L.Ac

Owner, Practitioner

Adam Jackson is a NCCAOM Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Certified Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner, and an IACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. He is also a member of The American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine where he has studied Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine.

Adam began studying Natural Medicine in 2003 and has been passionate about helping others achieve optimal health ever since. He believes the greatest attributes a physician can possess are compassion, empathy, and never-ending curiosity. He is always excited about learning new means by which to help his patients.

Cade Jackson

Cade Jackson, RYT

Cade has been passionate about health and wellness for more than twenty years. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher and has taught classes for people in various stages of life to help them maximize their body’s potential. Cade was a nationally ranked runner and has always maintained an active, healthy lifestyle. She is extensively trained in the use of Class 4 Deep Tissue Therapy Lasers and has been assisting her husband, Adam in the clinic for the past few years. 

Prior to working with Adam, she was often his practice patient as he was completing Oriental Medical school and she occasionally resumes that role as he continues to learn new treatment methods. She is an avid reader and loves history. When not at work she is typically spending time in the gym, reading a good book, or having quality time with her family.

Haley Sink Shaw, CAM

Haley Sink Shaw is a Certified Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner. She draws upon over 10 years experience working in the beauty industry, beginning her career as a makeup artist. She also has a background in medical sales and extensive training in Deep Tissue Laser Therapy and body contouring using Cryo-Thermal technology. Haley’s passion is to help her clients look and feel as good as possible. She specializes in using Cryo treatments to tone and tighten their bodies while supporting them in adopting and maintaining a natural, healthy lifestyle. In 2019, she completed supervision and training in the use of class 4 Deep Tissue Medical Lasers to treat pain and speed up recovery from injuries/tissue damage. Her passion for knowledge in the dynamic, ever-changing wellness and beauty industries ensures that she stays informed with the latest technologies and cutting edge equipment. “I am so fortunate to be in a profession that I truly love,says Haley. Whether it’s a treatment that helps my client look or feel better, it’s always a joy to see them walk out with renewed self-confidence and zeal.”