Look, Feel, and Live Your Best.

Look, feel, and live your best.

At Golden Root Natural Medicine, we seamlessly combine modern medicine with the absolute best of what ancient healing traditions have to offer to help you reach your health, beauty, and fitness goals.

See why Golden Root is South Carolina’s best kept secret. Watch our video here:

A healthy smiling female client goes for a run in the golden sunlight
Adam & his team work with you to achieve your wellness goals

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Medicine

Your wellness goals are our priority. Talk to our knowledgeable staff and we will create a treatment plan using a combination of ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine and cutting-edge technology.

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What are your wellness goals?

Our services are perfect for those looking to improve health and wellness, improve athletic performance and injury recovery, and look their best through non-invasive procedures.




I encourage anyone that is looking for alternative medicine to go and check Adam's place out in Greenwood. He has had an abundance of training, is very knowledgeable, and has some of the best equipment in South Carolina! (The only one with a full body cryogenic chamber). He takes his time with each patient and his primary goal is full health and wellness!

Cryotherapy in Greenwood, South Carolina
Stepping out of the cryo chamber with a smile!

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