Golden Root Natural Medicine offers the widest variety of medi-spa and Chinese Medicine services in all of South Carolina. 

Our clients love the variety of services available at our clinic. As a medi-spa and Chinese medicine clinic, we offer a comprehensive set of services that will leave you feeling energized, healed, and whole.

Drop-By Services

Relaxing in the sauna

Come in without an appointment and receive treatments to reduce pain, increase energy & metabolism, and improve sleep.

Appointment-only Services

Health - Beauty - Fitness

Holistic Healing

Whether you want to reduce pain, improve your strength and stamina, or look your very best, we offer services that will meet your wellness goals.


  • icon-gold-checkmark Athletic Performance
  • icon-gold-checkmark Injury Recovery
  • icon-gold-checkmark muscle repair
  • icon-gold-checkmark Reduce Inflammation


  • icon-gold-checkmark Pain & Stress Relief
  • icon-gold-checkmark Improve Mood
  • icon-gold-checkmark Better Sleep
  • icon-gold-checkmark Reduce Anxiety


  • icon-gold-checkmark Weight Loss
  • icon-gold-checkmark Skin Repair
  • icon-gold-checkmark Non-surgical face lift
  • icon-gold-checkmark Improve Complexion